Institūta iela 29 - Ulbroka
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We provide full cycle construction, using the latest technologies and guaranteeing the highest quality. Individual approach to each client.


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We have developed our own quality standard, which allows the consumer to obtain the right technical solution to ensure energy efficiency. 

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We build and sell houses according to individual orders. Price starting from 1000 eur / m2, fully finished house. Our catalog contains more than 1000 finished house projects.

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Practically planned and high-quality apartments from SkyEnergo. Don't hesitate to book an apartment at a good price!

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Object inspection and conclusion, we determine the list of necessary measures for the preparation of the technical task, based on the results of the inspection of the condition of the researched object.

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Specializes in real estate transactions. Construction of new houses, as well as rent. Our goal is to achieve the desired result for the customer. We offer our customers a unique selection of products that simultaneously meet the customer's wishes and needs.

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Property management

Provides property management services. Our specialists will help you manage your property so that its potential is fully exploited.

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The technical solution provides construction technology, using quality materials, information about materials, prices.

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 Technical solution
 Object inspection & conclusion

Object inspection & conclusion

The main task is to determine the list of necessary measures for the preparation of the technical task.

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New project from SkyEnergo - Institūta iela 29 - ULBROKA

Multi-apartment 5-storey building, at the address  Institūta iela 29 , Ulbroka . Manage to book an apartment at a bargain price! The new house consists of 40 apartments, a recreation area and a place to store things in the basement. The new building has a modern facade, elevator. In the construction will be used high-quality materials. The location of the house is a 5-minute walk from the center of Ulbroki, surrounded by a pine forest. Construction of the house is planned - July 2020. Booking procedure see below.

metala elementi - Our partner - a shop that provides everything for gates, fences and railings production. 


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