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SIA “Sky energo” specializes in real estate transactions, in the construction of new houses, as well as in the housing rental market. Our goal is to achieve the desired result for the client. We offer our customers a first-class selection of products that, at the same time, meet the wishes and needs of the client.

Real estate management services.

In connection with the purchase of real estate, it is necessary to service it. Most of the clients who come to us do not have the time or the ability to service an apartment or a house on their own, as they spend most of their time outside Latvia. Our experts will help you manage your property so that its potential is fully utilized.
We offer you the following services:

  • property management, which includes checking and evaluating its technical condition, management, checking utility bills.
  • tracking the condition of the object, redecorating and overhauling, interior design, project development, construction.
  • assistance in arranging real estate leasing, attracting leading brokers in Latvia, if necessary.

The main activities of the company:

  • construction of houses STOPIŅU NOVADĀ
  • all types of real estate activities: search, purchase, transaction processing.
  • real estate investment advice.
  • real estate and tax consulting.
  • assistance in obtaining and obtaining mortgage lending.
  • property management
  • assistance in real estate insurance.
  • consulting on architecture / design,
  • custom construction of houses.

Object inspection and conclusion:
The initial full-scale survey of objects from the inside and outside is the only way to obtain data about its actual condition based on predetermined reasons, which is necessary for comparing the obtained information with the requirements of modern standards and developing a strategy to harmonize it with operational standards. The main task is to determine the list of necessary measures for the preparation of the technical task, based on the results of the inspection of the condition of the object under study. In this process, the composition of the planned work, its scope, and the use of building materials are determined.

Technical solution: (selected)
The technical solution envisages construction technology using quality materials, information on the materials used, their consumption and prices.


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